Wednesday, August 5, 2020

What AI enables

Advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and collaboration technology have made it feasible to support existing businesses with much less execution work, helping companies turn new, inventive ideas into reality—and sustain them.

These tools are the next evolution of a workplace software explosion that’s made companies more efficient, and AI is putting it into overdrive.

Experts say AI will free people up to do more “creative” or more “human” work.

But more precisely, AI enables them to do more inventive work.
Source: Always Day One: How the Tech Titans Plan to Stay on Top Forever by Alex Kantrowitz

Federal, International Updates

@NASAKennedy: Successful splashdown of Crew Dragon at 2:48 p.m. ET. Welcome home @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug:[…]

@SenateNews: #SenateHearing: Hearings to examine Venezuela, focusing on security and humanitarian situation.[…]

@WSJopinion: Elections are cancelled, protesters are arrested, and a professor is fired. Day by day, China’s Communist Party is squeezing the free breath out of Hong Kong[…]

@volqx__: The Beirut explosion was equivalent to about 240 tons of TNT, roughly 10 times as great as the US military's (MOAB) is capable of unleashing.The blast produced seismic wave equal to a magnitude 3.3 earthquake. Pray for our brothers and sisters in Beirut, Lebanon[…]

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Knowledge beyond understanding

The knowledge we gain from much sympathy with others passing through trials is but vaguely understood; strangely enough, it enables us, among other things, to merge our identity into theirs often so completely that their sorrows and their delights become our own.
Source: Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ by Lew Wallace

Presidential Updates

President Donald Trump welcomed 69-year-old #TerrySharpe, a @USMC #Veteran, to the @WhiteHouse as he completed his 300-mile walk to the nation’s capital to raise awareness about the problem of #VeteranSuicide.[…]

“No American should fear for their personal safety because of where they live or their political affiliation.” #Wisconsin's Republican Party has called for a federal probe into the daylight #Shooting of a known #Trump supporter.[…]

“May cut off funding if not open!” Trump said. #Schools that don’t plan to physically reopen, or at least offer some in-person #Learning in the fall, would lose relief money set aside for K-12 #Education under Senate GOP’s #Relief bill.[…]

President Trump announced his administration is set to finalize a deal with @Kodak to transform it into a #Pharmaceutical company to produce generic active pharmaceutical ingredients, helping to reduce the reliance on other countries for critical drugs.[…]

“Many doctors think it is extremely successful” President Trump defended a video, banned by #Twitter and other platforms, featuring #Doctors making positive statements about the efficacy of #Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the #CCPVirus.[…]

Monday, August 3, 2020

Making the narrative tell itself

It is hard to make a choice of the most beautiful passage in a book which is so gemmed with beautiful passages as the Bible; but it is certain that not many things within its lids may take rank above the exquisite story of Joseph.

Higher Education Updates

AP: The University of Notre Dame has become the second university to withdraw as the host of one of this fall’s three scheduled presidential debates amid the pandemic.[…]

Reuters: The number of Hong Kong citizens applying to study at Australian universities has hit a three-year high midway through 2020, according to government data, amid fears a new security law is ushering in a more authoritarian era[…]

AFP: #UPDATE The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, which runs its own settlements, universities and media in the region geared at China's Han majority, will have any US-based assets frozen, the Treasury Department said[…]

Friday, July 31, 2020

Nature and Resources Updates

@Reuters: U.S., Russia to hold first space security talks since 2013[…]

@markknoller: Pres also issues emergency declaration for Puerto Rico due to conditions resulting from "Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine." The action authorizes @fema coordination of all disaster relief efforts and assistance to "lessen or avert the threat of catastrophe." — […]

#WashingtonDC is inside the cone of uncertainty for #HurricaneIsaias. #FLwx #GAwx #SCwx #NCwx #VAwx #DCwx[…]

The need for flourishing cities

After the election, conservative intellectual Yuval Levin put his finger on it best.

“At the root of the most significant problems America faces at home is the weakening of our core institutions—family and community, church and school, business and labor associations, civic and fraternal organizations.”

To explain Trump’s core supporters, many commentators pointed to the factories that were closing, but they should have been pointing to the churches that were closing. …

Thursday, July 30, 2020

SCOTUS Updates

@CBNNews: The Supreme Court has rejected a Nevada church's request to strike down a state restriction limiting attendance at religious services as unconstitutional.[…]

@GOPLeader: The Supreme just ruled against religious freedom. If casinos can open up, churches should be able to do the same—a total double standard. Justice Gorsuch is 100% right: "There is no world in which the Constitution permits Nevada to favor Caesars Palace over Calvary Chapel." — […]

@USSupremeCourt: Regarding Justice Ginsburg Justice Ginsburg underwent a minimally invasive non-surgical procedure today at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City to revise a bile duct stent that was originally placed at Sloan Kettering in August 2019. — […]

A benefit to college learning online

Avoiding this:
An estimated one in five American female college students say that they have been the victim of sexual assault. …

It is striking how underappreciated the power of myopia is.

In the Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation study, students were asked to list the measures they thought would be most effective in reducing sexual assault.

At the top of that list they put harsher punishment for aggressors, self-defense training for victims, and teaching men to respect women more.

How many thought it would be “very effective” if they drank less? Thirty-three percent.

How many thought stronger restrictions on alcohol on campus would be very effective? Fifteen percent.

These are contradictory positions.

Students think it is a good idea to be trained in self-defense, and not such a good idea to clamp down on drinking.

But what good is knowing the techniques of self-defense if you’re blind drunk?


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