Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Pacific Image Electronics Launches First Value-Priced Film Scanner for Mini-Labs

"[W]ith an MSRP of just $999.99, the PF1800LAB represents an affordable way for mini-labs to provide film digitizing services to their customers."


"The IEEE 1394 interface permits rapid scanning of a 36-exposure roll of 35mm film within three minutes at 300 dpi."


"The PF1800LAB comes bundled with Photo Indexing software, adding the ability to print out a photo index contact sheet from a 36-exposure roll of 35mm film.

"With a 3.0 dynamic range and 30-bit color capability, the PF1800LAB displays over 10 million colors. The 1800 X 1800 dpi optical resolution produces a high quality scanned image of up to 8" x 10"."


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