Thursday, August 28, 2003

Samsung Electronics Launches 100-Hour DIRECTV(R) DVR, Latest Addition to Full Line-Up of Set Top Boxes

"Samsung Electronics America, a leading developer and manufacturer of digital set top box products and services, today announced its entry into the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) category with its first DIRECTV® DVR with TiVo® recorder, the SIR-S4120R, capable of storing up to 100 hours of programming."


"With the NFL and college football seasons about to kickoff, Samsung's SIR-S4120R is the must-have product for the fall," offered Chris Cudina, Sales and Marketing Manager, Digital Set Top Box Group, Samsung.


"While recording is taking place, any show - even a live game - can be paused for an unexpected break for up to 30 minutes without missing any of the action. The rewind, instant replay and slow motion playback features put sports fans in the control room and the Dual TV tuners allow users to record two shows at the same time or watch one show while recording another."


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