Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Young people and culture: the clichés die hard!


"[Y]oung people are sectarian. In France, advertising executives, journalists and politicians are very keen on the notion of 'territory.' New fashions are regularly identified and young people are classified into "tribes" according to their social background and their cultural habits."


"When it comes to cultural cross-fertilisation, Sandira is an amazing hybrid. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, this twenty year old left school early and has already been working in the Internet world for five years. She has already experienced five start-ups and is what is known as a 'web baby,' symbolic of this new generation born with a computer slung over one shoulder.

"For her, life is divided into two categories: the on-line world (what is in the computer) and the off-line world (everything outside, real life). For the moment, her only access to culture has been in the on-line world, or through a screen: flat screen, television screen, cinema screen ...Hers is the 'internaute' or web surfers’ tribe."


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