Sunday, September 21, 2003

Hurricane Isabel: Storm in a teacup - The Times of India: "in some ways, the build up for Hurricane Isabel was as fearful as one for an Armageddon.

"In Washington, the government shut down, roads and parks were deserted, stores and supermarkets shuttered down, public transport halted, airports closed down.

"For a few hours, no man or beast roamed the streets. In a word, it was spooky. People loaded up on food, water, candles, batteries and other essentials and hunkered down. It was almost as if Death was coming visiting."


"The storm in the teacup did not prevent the stately Washington Post from posting a mere 27 stories and 28 visuals scattered across Friday's edition, including such arresting trivia as the 275,000 square miles of cloud cover the hurricane generated. At an average 750 words a story, that amounted to around 20,000 words. Throw in the visuals and you get a decent sized book.

"Was it such a big deal, you might ask, considering that the last monster storm, the Force 5 Hurricane Andrew, didn't get as much build-up or coverage?

"The answer, my friends, came from just about any new immigrant you spoke to. They, the Chinese, the Vietnamese, the Indians, the Mexicans, were about the only people who stuck to their work amid the hurricane hysteria.

"And in their minds, the United States is a country now perpetually in search of a crisis. If it's not Iraq, it's a power outage, if not power breakdown, it's an impending hurricane."


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