Thursday, September 18, 2003

Kinko's Opens First Hotspot: "In April, Kinko's and T-Mobile Hotspot announced plans to put hotspots in Kinko's locations around the country. Because both companies call Dallas, Texas, home (the main T-Mobile USA office is in Bellevue, Wash.), the first of those locations goes live today at the Kinko's store on Greenville Avenue there. That launch will feature a 'cutting of the Ethernet cord' by company executives."


"That road warrior marketplace is one of the big differentiators for T-Mobile in getting Kinko's as a partner. While the company's hotspot service is available in many airport lounges which might be frequented by business travelers, its largest partners have been caf├ęs: Starbucks coffee shops (2,300 locations to date) and Borders Books & Music (320 locations to date)."


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