Sunday, September 21, 2003

Microsoft goes after Google: "Chairman Bill Gates, Chief Executive Steve Ballmer and a handful of other executives sat down in February to answer a question asked countless times before in the world's largest software maker's 28-year history. Should Microsoft build or buy?

"What they decided was to build technology that would eventually surpass Google Inc.'s ability to sift through the Web and return results relevant enough to make it the top Internet search destination."


"But analysts have interpreted the decision to build as a sign that Microsoft has greater ambitions for search, including plans to make it part of the Windows operating system, the company's main cash cow."


"At the core of Microsoft's decision is a belief that search technology is still in its infancy. 'Search engines are doing a good job but not a perfect job,' said [Kirk] Koenigsbauer, [strategy manager at Microsoft's MSN Internet portal,] adding most search results today 'don't deliver the results people are looking for.' (sic)"


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