Sunday, October 12, 2003

Online buyers click on in-store pickup: "Conventional wisdom used to be that online shoppers used the Internet because they didn't like the hassle of going to retail stores. But as the 2003 holiday season nears, retailers that sell both online and off-line now say that in-store pickup is becoming an increasingly popular option with their e-commerce customers.

"Retailers and online-shopping experts say in-store pickup is a hit thanks to several factors, including shoppers' desire to avoid shipping charges, their need for instant gratification, and some customers' wish for more control of their in-store experience."

RadioShack very recently set up a service that's the exact opposite of this. For customers who shop in the store for an item that's not in stock, the store can have the item shipped directly to the customer from the warehouse for free. (Well, at no charge to the customer.) It's called Direct Fulfillment.

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