Friday, October 31, 2003

RadioShack Press Release: "As part of its business innovation effort announced in September, RadioShack Corporation today announced a strategic alliance with GlobeSecNine, a Washington D.C.-based, privately-held investment group, to identify declassified military and law enforcement security technologies that have wide-spread consumer applications for individuals and families."

"GlobeSecNine is an ideal alliance for us in that it has unique access to innovative technologies via its broad-based, experienced management team drawn from law enforcement, military services, the National Security Council and the private sector," said Len Roberts, RadioShack chairman and chief executive officer. "In particular, their chief technical partner, the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, is plugged into a multitude of amazing technologies that have countless consumer applications but no effective way to go to market.

"That’s where we can help. A technology is nothing more than an idea unless it finds the appropriate manufacturing and distribution channels, and we can do both. We can find the capital or production resources necessary to bring products to consumers in a marketable, cost-effective fashion."

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