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Friday, October 31, 2003

Tribute looks to future: "The National Space Mirror Memorial reflected more than grief Tuesday morning as the names of the Columbia astronauts were unveiled. …"

The "'missing man' formation of four NASA T-38 jets suddenly roared overhead, with one jet peeling off and crossing the sun. The moment echoed Kennedy Space Center's memorial, the week of the February disaster, when the same formation was flown. Many of those watching wiped away tears as the planes soared into the distance. …

"It's very emotional," Husband said afterward. "This is my first time back since Feb. 1, so I was determined to at least make it to the hotel before I started crying, and I didn't, but that's OK." Her family has spent vacations on the Space Coast, and there are memories everywhere, she said. "It's a different atmosphere here than it is in Houston," she said. "There's more of a tenderness here, I think, because the launches take place here, and it's just everybody, it's very much their way of life."

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