Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Hobbyist Turned NASA Contractor: "What started as a hobby, has turned into a unique partnership with NASA for a Central Texas man. Bob Cervenka's work may help to keep future shuttle astronauts safe. …

"Cervenka fell into an opportunity of a lifetime about four years ago. He wanted to build a radio controlled replica of the space shuttle's orbiter, complete with landing gear, and a turbine engine. He contacted NASA, and after some convincing, entered into an agreement in which the space agency would help him with the plans.

"And from there the interest grew to the point where they said, 'Wait a minute, can we share some technology or can we share some ideas with you so you can test these on what you're doing?' And is sort of developed from there and it's still developing. They're wanting me to do more and more each day," says Cervenka. …

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