Wednesday, November 5, 2003

Israel proposes its first motion at UN since 1976: "Israel has challenged the United Nations to show as much compassion for Israeli children as it does for Palestinian youth by calling on the world body to endorse a resolution that censures those who kill Israeli youngsters through terrorism."

"Israel's motion comes against a backdrop of Palestinian suicide attacks that have killed or injured scores of Israeli children, among other civilians, in the last year. The motion marks the first time since 1976 that Israel, which has been the object of hundreds of critical UN resolutions over the last three and a half decades, has tabled anything at the world body."

"A vote on the issue is expected by the end of the month in a committee that includes all of the General Assembly's 191 members, and so serves as an indicator of how the final vote will go in the GA plenary later this fall."

"Israel's last proposal for a resolution came on Dec. 6, 1976, when it circulated a draft calling for the reconvening of Middle East peace talks with Egypt, Jordan and Syria. However, it withdrew the document three days later when amendments were introduced that would have included in the talks the Palestine Liberation Organization, whose charter still called for Israel's destruction."

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