Friday, December 5, 2003

Bush Wants Mission to the Moon: "President Bush wants to send Americans back to the moon—and may leave a permanent presence there—in a bold new vision for space exploration, administration officials said yesterday."

"Sources said the president may also give the go-ahead to pursue a manned trip to Mars—a long range goal. NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe told an advisory council yesterday that 2004 will be a 'seminal time' for the agency."

"Bush could spell out his new plan for space travel on the 100-year anniversary of the Wright Brothers' first flight, Dec. 17, officials said. … If the president does announce his new space vision on Dec. 17, it would be 100 years after the Wright Brothers first set an airplane in flight in Kitty Hawk, N.C., and it would be two days before the [31st] anniversary of the last manned lunar landing."

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