Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Woman-Centered Campaigns Thought to be Final Argument to End Abortion: "When abortion [went unrestrained] in the United States over thirty years ago, proponents of the procedure argued that it was somehow good for women, that it would give them a greater freedom over their lives and their bodies. Though this argument is still made today, a wave of reports and groups are increasingly challenging that assertion. In fact, even reports from Planned Parenthood's Alan Gutmacher Institute are concluding that women choose abortion because they have no choice, that they are pressured by economic, familial, and emotion forces.

"These same women, now post-abortive, are then faced with emotional or health issues linked to abortion-in one study by the Elliot Institute, 89% of post abortive women had negative reactions, which include a wide variety of psychological problems.

"As a result, a growing number of groups are now persuasively arguing that the pro-abortion position does not equal pro-woman. A new campaign being run by Feminists for Life, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops and the National Organization of Episcopalians for Life (NOEL) are running a national campaign making these explicit points. Called 'Women Deserve Better than Abortion, campaigners say frankly that 'abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women. This campaign is dedicated to promote women-centered solutions to significantly reduce abortion and protect women's health.'

"An even more dramatic campaign asserting that abortion hurts women is called 'Silent No More.' Sponsored by NOEL, this campaign actually brings post-abortive women into the public square to talk about how their abortions hurt them. These women, who began a year ago on the steps of the US Supreme Court, make a public witness about how their abortions led to depression, alcoholism, disease, and nightmares. Author and feminist writer Frederica Mathews-Green says the campaign 'gives a voice to women who have too long been ignored. Pro-life and pro-choice can agree: abortion is a tragedy, and women deserve better choices.'"

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