Friday, March 26, 2004

Tell the kids to go fly a kite—on the National Mall: "More than 100 kites will compete for awards on the National Mall this weekend, and most anything goes. The kites will range in size from less than 3 inches to more than 20 feet, and they will be crafted from materials that might range from ground cover to wrapping paper.

"The Smithsonian Kite Festival, sponsored by the Smithsonian Associates, is in its 38th year. The contest originated in 1966 as the brainchild of aviation pioneer Paul E. Garber, who once worked with the National Air and Space Museum.

"All kite entries must be hand-made by the flier, except in the case of young children who may need the help of an adult. Awards will be given in four age categories: younger than 11; 12-15; 16-59; and senior.

"Kite enthusiast John Burkhardt heads the Maryland Kite Society and will be the head judge for this year's festival."

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