Monday, April 5, 2004

Cellphones turn laptops into traveling Web connection: "Traveling business people make up the most obvious market for the services, which they can use to access e-mail or the Internet from hotels, airports, cars, cafes or nearly anywhere a cellphone works. For some, that anytime-anywhere connection is better than the alternative of hunting for places or services that offer wired Internet connections.

"After using both cards around town, I found Sprint PCS wins hands down on coverage and data rates" vs. AT&T.

Actually, I just returned from a trip on which I used my cellphone to connect my laptop to the Internet—not even with a data card. All I needed was a cable, two free software drivers from Sanyo and Sprint, and I was connected. My speed clocked as high as 300kbps! Not too shabby for a pre-EVDO wireless Internet connection.

I had planned on posting here from the road, but didn't get that far in my email for relevant items by the time it was my turn to drive. Instead, I was busy chatting online with friends. It was really quite fascinating in that it very much had the feeling of the first time I had a cellphone: when I could first talk to people on the phone from anywhere. Now, for the first time, I was connecting to people over the Internet from anywhere!

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