Saturday, June 26, 2004

Stay-at-home dads cherish their role: "Years after the feminist move to give mothers a choice between the workplace, the home or a combination of both, some families are discovering that the best solution for them is to have Dad home with the kids while Mom brings home the paychecks."

"There are far fewer at-home dads than at-home moms: 105,000 vs. 5.2 million nationwide in the latest census estimates. Of the 23 million married parents of children younger than age 15, about 22 percent of the moms were at home full time, while just 0.5 percent of the dads were."

"Manning the home front is different for dads than for moms, men say. Those who stay home must get over the societal expectation that men are supposed to be the financial providers. They may not even know how to refer to their new vocation. Brian Reid of Alexandria, Va., rejects the term 'househusband' as dated and 'Mr. Mom' as offensive; he came up with 'rebel dad' for men at the leading edge of a social revolution."

Personally, I don't see why both parents can't stay home. With telecommuting, why can't dad earn his living from home, have more time with the family, and less work-related expenses? That would even provide for more time to get out!

"'I want to take care of my family. It’s frustrating to this day, being a man and now a father (who can’t work).' When they’ve run out of diapers and had no money to buy more, they asked for help from family or from their church. 'It bothers me a lot. I can’t be the man I should be.'

"Asked whether he believes it’s OK for men to be at-home dads, Jones says, 'Yes and no. The Bible says if a man doesn’t work, he doesn’t eat,' he adds, paraphrasing [2] Thessalonians 3:10. Yet it’s clear he does work, at home."

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