Thursday, February 17, 2005

Google offers to help Wikipedia: "Google Inc. may offer hosting services to Wikipedia, a free community-built encyclopedia, and other projects hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Preliminary talks are scheduled to continue in March."

WebProNews: "Why would Google support Wikipedia? Not out of goodness of their hearts. Wikipedia represents the best of the web and the best in all of us. It produces social goods that any company involved in the web should be aligned with. What's more, Wikipedia isn't a site, its a community, one with a history and a culture of openness."

ABC News: "Let's say that Google is as honorable as it claims and has no intention of doing anything more than making life better for everyone. I know most of the principals there, and they are as normal and sincere as can be expected. Nice guys, actually.

"But Google itself is a public corporation. It's its own animal in that regard, with attorneys and bean-counters making the 'nice guys' who run the place beholden to the mythical shareholders, who demand results and accountability. Maybe the nice guys do not want to create a situation that locks out the Microsoft crawlers. The needs of the corporate entity, though, demand it.

"Maybe the nice guys don't want to take over Wikipedia and clean it up, change the way it works—ruin it—as per the lawyers' demands. The corporation demands it. Those nice guys are not working for themselves any more. We always have to remember that. They are now guests."

Although Larry and Sergey own a hefty number of shares themselves.…

TechWhack: "Google with the power and content of Wikipedia might make a lethal combination to empower the extent; knowledge is available to the end user on the Internet. But then considering Wikipedia already is open source, Google would not have needed any tech support from the developers of this online encyclopedia!

"Google in the recent days has taken steps to help other open source application developers as well. Mozilla Firefox’s default homepage is now listed on Google’s server, which lessens the traffic on Mozilla’s own servers. They also hired two major developers of the same browser and clarified that they would continue to work on Firefox primarily. Is this the sign of Google’s generosity"?

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