Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Google Feature Incorporates Satellite Maps: "Online search engine leader Google has unveiled a new feature that will enable its users to zoom in on homes and businesses using satellite images, an advance that may raise privacy concerns as well as intensify the competitive pressures on its rivals.

"The satellite technology, which Google began offering late Monday at maps.google.com, is part of the package that the Mountain View-based company acquired when it bought digital map maker Keyhole Corp. for an undisclosed amount nearly six months ago."

Google Maps, Round III: Since the last time I reviewed Google Maps, it crossed my mind how cool it would be if Google picked up on the last edge MapQuest had over it, and that was satellite maps. Of course, their acquisition of Keyhole made that very possible.

However, not only did they add satellite views, but you can get your driving directions overlayed on a satellite view instead of a map graphic. Too cool! For instance, our previous DC to Chicago example can now overlay the real thing instead of just the map.

I might also add, of my last three suggestions, they only added one: Street Maps.

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