Friday, May 6, 2005

Washingtonians will gather on the National Mall to kick off the 7th Annual "Screen on the Green" film festival on July 18th when HBO and Citibank present the romantic favorite, "THE WAY WE WERE." The free outdoor festival will continue with screenings each Monday evening at sunset through August 15th.

Each film will be shown on a giant 20' x 40' outdoor screen on The National Mall between 4th and 7th Streets. Everyone is invited. Screen on the Green is free and open to the public.

Film Schedule:

JULY 18—THE WAY WE WERE (Sony/Columbia) Opposites can and do attract. Radical political activist Barbra Streisand meets the guy of her dreams, Robert Redford, in this Grade A Hollywood romance. Some serious melodrama (McCarthy era blacklisting) is discernible amidst the gloss, but it's mostly about star power, star power, star power. Marvin Hamlisch's score and the title tune won Oscars. "Memories..." (1973)

JULY 25—THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (Warner Bros.) John Huston's direction of this corrosive tale of gold lust in the Mexican mountains won an Oscar. Ditto his screenplay. Yet another award went to the director's father, Walter, for his performance as a crusty old prospector. Humphrey Bogart is a fellow treasure hunter. The drama achieves Shakespearean dimension in conveying the tragic effect of greed on ordinary mortals. (1948)

AUG. 1—SUSPICION (Warner Bros.) Dashing playboy Cary Grant sweeps rich wallflower Joan Fontaine off her feet. Does he marry her for the money? Will death do them part? Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, is working in a subtle mode this time. Watch how he can make even a harmless glass of milk take on sinister overtones. Fontaine scored a Best Actress Oscar for her effort as the lady with suspicions. (1941)

AUG. 8—WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINA WOOLF? (Warner Bros.) You're invited to George and Martha's for an evening of bitterness, backbiting and booze. Let the games begin! Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are explosive as the bickering couple acting out scenes from a miserable marriage. Sandy Dennis and George Segal co-star in Mike Nichols' perceptive take on Edward Albee's prize-winning play. (1966) 129 Min.

AUG. 15—THE BIG SLEEP (Warner Bros.) Never a model of narrative coherence, this legendary film noir sports a dazzling abundance of talent. Humphrey Bogart (as private eye Philip Marlowe) and Lauren Bacall star, Howard Hawks directs and the screenplay (based on a Raymond Chandler novel) is co-written by William Faulkner. It all has something to do with blackmail, homicide and two slinky sisters named Sternwood. Don't fret about clarity. Even Mr. Chandler wasn't always sure whodunit. (1946) 114 Min.

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