Monday, June 27, 2005

Billy Graham's last U.S. crusade

"The Rev. Billy Graham will be 87 later this year. He has prostate cancer and uses a walker to get around after a broken hip and pelvis. But the old Billy Graham is still there." ...

"The world we leave behind is about like the world was when I came into the world, just at the end of World War I. And the world was at each other's throats at that time. And thousands were being killed. Today we don't have a world war. But maybe we do in terrorism. But man's heart is the same. I don't see any difference in people's hearts."

"I remember one incident. I had spoken at a breakfast and John Kennedy was sitting beside me. And he whispered to me, he said, 'Will you ride back to the White House with me?' And I said, 'You know, Mr. President,' I said, 'I'm sick.' I said, 'I have a fever and I don't think I ought to ride in the car with you and go to the White House. Let me come over some other time.' And he smiled and he said, 'OK.' And I have often wondered what did he want to talk about? And I never got that opportunity because he died a few months later. And that, to me, is a mystery that I would like cleared up when I get to heaven.

"Graham calls this the last crusade, but he's mulling an invitation to London in the fall, for a rally and what would be his 13th meeting with the Queen.

"How sharp is Billy Graham? Well, right now you could say one lion is reading about two others. He tells me he's halfway through the book 'Franklin and Winston,' by Jon Meacham. In fact, he says he can't put it down."

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