Wednesday, June 1, 2005

Think Ahead as Hurricane Season Begins: "The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season began Wednesday, and Pepco says it's not too early to prepare for the possibility of a destructive storm.

"The National Weather Service predicts an above-average storm season this year."

A thorough familiarity with useful weather links, and mobile access to them is also recommended.

In Florida, Tax-Free Hurricane Shopping Begins today: "Generators started flying off the shelves Wednesday at home improvement stores, just like they did right after Hurricane Charley last year.

"There's no storm coming, but there's also no sales tax on hurricane supplies for the next 12 days."

"Flashlights, batteries, tarps, and more are sales-tax free, but everyone has a reason why they want one of the generators. 'It was so hot. Really, really hot. I lost a lot of food,' said Orlando resident Vickie Napier.

"To give you an idea of how the first day of this tax-free sale is going, at the Ocoee Lowe's store, they sold seven generators in the first hour they were open. That's the amount they would normally sell over the entire day that the store is open.

"Sales of $700 or more were common. Tax-free days cover a wide range of hurricane supplies and customers refuse to lose out this time."

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