Friday, July 1, 2005

EBay sellers fell into careers that fill their lives

"Brenda Lorisch is considering buying a new home and keeping her old one to store the mountain of designer clothes she sells on eBay." ...

"Clutter is one of many thorns prickling the horde of Internet entrepreneurs angling to strike it rich on eBay, the global online bazaar featuring 50 million items for sale every day. There is also the loneliness of working from home, the tedium of photographing hundreds of items, the grind of answering customer e-mails and the anxiety over competing with other eBay sellers who regularly pop up out of nowhere.

"The challenges are intensifying as Web commerce and its biggest player, eBay, turn 10 this year. What started as a hobby for many has overtaken careers and personal lives, transforming them as a new form of commerce takes shape online. Now that thousands of eBay entrepreneurs have years of selling under their belts, they are wrestling with serious issues of scale."

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