Monday, July 18, 2005

VENEZUELA: We are on the way towards socialism

"Venezuela's National Union of Workers (UNT) is a relatively new union federation, formed just over two years ago to replace the CTV, the old corrupt and right-wing union federation. Inspired by the pro-poor policies of the government of President Hugo Chavez, Venezuela's workers have responded to the call to build a new democratic and revolutionary unionism." ...

"Co-management from the point of view of the workers is something very simple—we want power and participation in the management of the companies, in order to create new jobs, guarantee that the wealth reaches the people and that corruption is rooted out."

"We have all the rights—to elect the managers, look into the accounts, to make proposals; the workers have all the rights. This is what we are demanding in an audacious way and we think this is the way forward."

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