Thursday, August 4, 2005

Nick Cannon Says His Pro-Life Song No Statement on Abortion

"Nick Cannon's latest hip-hop single 'Can I Live' has generated a nationwide buzz in the pro-life community because of its very direct appeal against abortion. The song tells of Cannon's near abortion death, but Cannon says he's not necessarily standing up against abortion.

"In the song, Cannon shares the story of how his mother walked away from the table at an abortion facility minutes before she was scheduled to have an abortion." ...

"The video for Cannon's song depicts his mother as a teenager, lying in an abortion facility, as Nick's spirit pleads for her not take his life, saying, 'That's life inside you, look at your tummy ... What is becoming Ma, I am Oprah bound ... You can tell he's a star from the Ultrasound.'

"Despite Cannon's reasons for making the single, pro-life groups say it helps the cause.

"Brandi Swindell of the youth pro-life group GenLife says the tune 'represents the emerging passion in this generation speaking out on the issue of abortion.'

"'This is the first wave of a post Roe v. Wade generation telling their side of the story,' she added. 'No one knows what it's like to be open prey in your mother's womb unless you were born after 1973.'"

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