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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Prayers, Preparations Precede DC Palau Festival

"The message of Christ is coming to the National Mall in Washington, D.C., next month in the form of an unconfined, open area festival with evangelist Luis Palau.

"Expecting a crowd of hundreds of thousands of youth, young adults and families, the DC Festival with Luis Palau, scheduled for Oct. 8-9, has partnered with some 875 local churches in a pan-denominational effort to share the gospel.

"Without gates or fixed seating, the two-day festival will be 14 city blocks of the hottest Christian music, entertainment, sports and the good news preached by a Christian communicator and author who has spoken face-to-face to over 20 million people in 70 countries." ...

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Anonymous said...

Some of the prayers preceding the DC Festival were answered this weekend, namely, that God would rain-out Palau & Co.'s poseur carnival.

These prayers were sent up by Christians who were disgusted with "DC Festival's" advertising posted all over the DC Metro area.

The HOLY NAME of Palau, his "extreme" athletes, a Baldwin Brother, and a pack of no-name (outside of evangelical circles" musical acts, walking vegetables and corporate sponsors were plastered on all over the posters, but not one word about the Lord Jesus Christ, not a cross or any symbol of the Faith to be seen.

Palau complained in the Washington Post:

"I do not doubt the goodness of God. When we get to heaven . . . we'll find out why this happened."

He overlooks the obvious answer to "why": God answers prayer.

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