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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Groups Support NTM Staying in Venezuela

"Christian organizations around the world are rallying behind New Tribes Mission as it faces the possibility of being expelled from Venezuela after nearly 60 years of service to the indigenous people of the country.

"As New Tribes Mission's field committee, Marcos Brito and Tim Fyock, along with NTM's Venezuelan lawyer, Dr. Andrade, address the Venezuelan media through national television and radio programs, Christian agencies are supporting NTM's stance and praising its mission work in Venezuela and throughout the world.

"'Our response here at Voice of the Martyrs is essentially sadness at the lost of the people of Venezuela, of the service of New Tribes Mission if in fact this threat is followed through on and all the missionaries are forced to leave the country,' said VOM Spokesman Todd Nettleton.

"'This is a mission organization with a great history of service in that country; a great history of service to the people of Venezuela, the indigenous people, the tribal people and the poor people.'" ...

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