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Monday, November 21, 2005

Edward Wernecke: Parental Rights at Risk

"The issue before the Texas Supreme Court is the right of fit parents to make the medical decisions for their children. By avoiding the real issue here the Texas Supreme Court has failed to make a decision that only they can make that would affect all Texans." ...

I agree with Mr. Wernecke on the importance of parental rights, and the extreme danger in which those rights find themselves at the hands of a "service" like Child Protective Services. His is an excellent account of abuse of power.

That said, I don't agree that this issue should be decided in the courts. This is a matter for the legislature. CPS is a corrupt agency that should be dissolved. As he said, "They do more harm then good. There is more abuse of kids in the system than ever done by parents outside."

This is an uphill battle, however, as "The more kids they take into the system the more money they make." The problem is love of money.

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