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Friday, November 4, 2005

Katie Wernecke goes home

"After a bitter court battle that lasted nearly five months, 13-year-old cancer patient Katie Wernecke of Agua Dulce is back with her parents. Katie walked out of M.D. Anderson with her parents and walked away from her conventional cancer treatment."

"The Wernecke's wanted to make treatment decisions for their daughter. The state disagreed and took her away. She was taken to M.D. Anderson for chemotherapy.

"'We were never guilty of medical neglect and the state should have never been involved in this situation and Judge Hunter did the right thing in returning katie to us but she didn't go far enough,' Wernecke said.

"The wernecke's plan is to go back to the State Supreme Court and ask for their record to be cleared of any medical neglect charges. But for now, Katie's going home." ...

"The Wernecke's have spent an estimated $100,000 in legal fees. The Texas Center for Family Rights has helped set up a defense fund on their behalf. If you'd care to donate you can go online to"

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