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Wednesday, November 9, 2005

Katie Wernecke on High Dose Vitamin C

"Inside the Bright Spot for Health, cancer patients get a different kind of treatment. Patients get high doses of vitamin C through an IV. Dr. Ron Hunninghake says the cancer mistakes vitamin C for glucose, creating a chemical reaction that kills the cancer. 'You can't eat enough or take enough by mouth to have this effect,' Dr. Hunninghake said.

"Here's how it works. The vitamin C goes into your bloodstream and is taken in by cancer cells. The vitamin C and cancer react, creating hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide helps kill off cancer cells. 'If you build up enough peroxide inside the cancer cell, it will use up its defenses and pretty soon kill the cancer cell from the inside out,' he said. Eyewitness News asked if there are any negative side effects. 'No you'll feel thirsty because of the sodium, but there are no real side effects except you'll feel better,' Dr. Hunninghake said.

"The doctor says Katie Wernecke is already feeling better after 2 vitamin C treatments. She's using it along with tradition chemo to fight her Hodgkin’s disease. 'We're not promoting it as a stand alone. It's to be used in conjunction with other cancer treatment,' the doctor said. He hopes the combination improves survival rates for cancer patients." ...

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