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Saturday, December 3, 2005

NTM: Forced to sell to the opposition

"A half century of precious memories are attached to the land. Missionary children grew up there. Missionaries are buried there. Numerous work teams from churches labored to build homes, classrooms and dorms there. It's hard to lose such a place, but that's what's happening.

"NTM has exhausted all efforts to retain the property at Tamatama, the former school for missionary children. The Venezuelan government owns the land, but the buildings and systems on the property belong to New Tribes Mission. NTM Venezuela leaders intended to give the buildings to the tribal people living adjacent to the school, but have been informed that such a transfer can't be made.

"They have been told of a law that requires NTM to sell the buildings for at least 25 percent of the market value. Since the tribal people don't have access to such a sum, NTM is being forced to sell the buildings to those who have opposed the mission's activities.

"While missionaries are disappointed in the developments taking place in Venezuela, their greatest concern continues to be for the tribal people. They are the real losers in this contest between governments and ideologies." ...

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