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Sunday, April 2, 2006

New Orleans: wounds and satellites

"Entertainer Bill Cosby urged New Orleans' black population on Saturday to cleanse itself of a culture of crime as it rebuilds from the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina last year.

Cosby, whose criticism of some aspects of modern African-American culture has stirred controversy in recent years, told a rally headed by black leaders that the city needed to look at the 'wound' it had before Katrina struck.

'It's painful, but we can't cleanse ourselves unless we look at the wound,' Cosby told the rally of about 2,000 people in front of the city's convention center." ...

And from the delusional: "Civil rights activists Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, denounced what they said was an attempt by state and federal officials to disenfranchise the evacuees in April 22 local elections by not setting up out-of-state voting stations."

Many of those people who evacuated are no longer evacuees; they're no longer residents of New Orleans. They're now residents of Houston, Atlanta, Washington and many other cities. Residents of other cities don't get to vote wherein they are not residents!

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