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Monday, May 29, 2006

17 days, 3 time zones

This might make it appear as though gas prices don't affect my travel plans. I didn't let them affect my plans to be at my World War II veteran grandpa's 88th birthday party in Wisconsin on June 10th. Three days after his June 12th birthday, my grandma will be 32,000 days young! That's the vacation part. The rest of the trip is part vacation, part business.

May 31: Traveling: Alexandria, VA to Chicago, IL

June 1: Staying: in Chicago, IL

June 2: Traveling: Chicago, IL to Minneapolis, MN to Fergus Falls, MN
June 3: Traveling: Fergus Falls, MN to Great Falls, MT [wireless service unlikely]

June 4-7: Staying: in Great Falls, MT [wireless service unlikely]

June 8: Traveling: Great Falls, MT to Fergus Falls, MN [wireless service unlikely]
June 9: Traveling: Fergus Falls, MN to Minneapolis, MN to Elcho, WI [wireless service likely in a.m.]

June 10-13: Staying: in Elcho, WI [wireless service unlikely]

June 14: Traveling: Elcho, WI to Chicago, IL [wireless service likely in p.m.]

June 15: Staying: in Chicago, IL

June 16: Traveling: Chicago, IL to Alexandria, VA

So, if you see some strange picture, text and audio posts here for the next few weeks, that's why!

10,585 days

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Anonymous said...

You are still as wild as ever aren't you!?

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