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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Starting over

Seth Godin recently blogged about how "Major advertisers have the expectation that they don't need to keep reintroducing themselves" but "Unlike books and movies and speeches and sales pitches, it’s pretty obvious that blogs and websites don’t work that way."

Some people get it. "Some people have been with you for years. They understand your conventions, your shorthands and your biases. They know you’ve written a few books, appeared as a child actor in Star Trek or have a deep and abiding hatred for cats. You can drop a few hints and they get it."

Others don't get it. "Among your newbies are several people who won’t hesitate to send you an email, post a comment or leave in a huff. They don’t get it and they want you to know they don’t get it."

"Your inclination, if you’re at all like me, is to have that person’s voice in the back of your head every time you post an entry or design a page."

"Resist! Starbucks doesn’t start over every time someone walks in, and neither does your church."

It's his last comment I quoted there that I wanted to address. The church planters, and megachurch leaders are exactly the folks who did start over every time someone new walked in. How many churches today give page numbers for the verse in the church Bible. Knowing the Books of the Bible is a lost art these days.

Our churches have become professional milk dispensers. When is the church going to learn how to cater a gourmet meal?

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