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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Duncan Hunter for President!

Rep. Duncan HunterOf all the candidates that have declared their intentions for 2008 thus far, one is making uniquely clear statements in both domestic and foreign policy: Duncan Hunter.

Foreign Policy: When he first announced his candidacy at the end of October, he declared a very simple, clear and understandable Iraq strategy: "One, two, three,
  1. stand up to free government. We've done that.
  2. Stand up to military that can protect it. We're doing that in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  3. And number three, the Americans leave.
"Now, which is it, the one or the two or the three that the liberals don't understand?"

When the Republicans controlled Congress, he chaired the House Armed Services Committee.

Inside the WombDomestic Policy: On Monday, at the Blogs for Life conference at FRC, the ABC News Political Unit reported Duncan Hunter said,
"If a judicial nominee can look at a sonogram, the picture of an unborn child, and not see, looking at that sonogram, not see a valuable human life, I'm not going to give him an appointment to the court. I am going to give him an appointment to an optometrist to get a set of eyeglasses so that he can see that."
Friends, that's the kind of clarity we need from our leaders.

Inside the Womb

If a member of the House can win the White House in 2006, we need a real one who can win the White House in 2008!

Lord willing, he will make his candidacy official tomorrow, when he also plans to relaunch his official presidential campaign Web site.

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