Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Moved Back to Blogger!

OK, so following up about launching new blogs, but being stuck with FTP, I decided to take the plunge and move this blog over to blogger's new hosting service to see how it works.

I did it because I remembered I could test the change myself without actually showing the rest of the world first. I did that by simulating the change with my hosts file to see how it works.

I tested it on one post, and when that still worked, and the posts from 2003 still work (with the different file extension!), and the improved archives ... done! So, I'm going to hit post here, and then have my DNS entry for this blog moved post haste!

Oh, and I thought of at least one other idea for a blog to launch. So, I may set up a couple more now that it's so easy and quick. Stay tuned.

And yes, the improvements to posting times on this blog are alone enough to make the switch--no more waiting for FTP ... every ... single ... time ... I post.

10,817 days

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