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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

President Bush more popular in France than U.S.

Has anyone else caught the irony of these two stories together?

Bush Approval Measured at All-Time Low
Newsweek Poll Measures Bush Approval at 28 Percent

Pro-U.S. Candidate Wins French Presidency
Conservative Nicolas Sarkozy Triumphs Over Socialist Challenger

At least this part of Europe isn't currently following South America's lead in the lurch to the Left electing more socialist leaders.

Why Sarkozy Matters
That France elected Nicolas Sarkozy as president yesterday should matter to Americans, at least the political junkies among us. With 53% of the vote --and 85% of the country turned out -- Sarkozy’s sweeping victory violates four key conventional wisdoms that scholars and journalists have long ascribed not just to French voters, but to Yanks as well.

Conventional wisdoms:
  1. People support the candidate they like.
  2. The French hate America.
  3. The French will never change.
  4. Candidates should possess a “presidential” background and temperament.

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