Tuesday, May 8, 2007

State-Required Homelessness

Sex Offenders Forced Under Miami Bridge
Ordinances Intended to Keep Them Away From Children Make It Next to Impossible for Them to Find Other Housing

"Morales and the other men are required to be there every night from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The state lists their official address as the Julia Tuttle Causeway, and parole officers come by regularly to make sure the predators show up each night."

"Miami Dade County has one of the strictest sexual predator laws in the country. Once predators are released from prison, they are required to live more than 2,500 feet from anywhere children congregate. But they are barred from leaving the county while they are on parole.

"In a county as dense and as expensive as Miami-Dade, there is no place the men can legally live that they can also afford."

"Along with some of the offenders, he is required to wear a GPS tracking device that runs on electricity. However, there are no outlets under the bridge to charge it.

"Corrections officials admit the ordinance could actually make the community less safe because it may they drive the offenders so far underground that parole officers can't supervise them."

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