Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How many "women" do you know who are 14 years old?

KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: Well, there were certainly people who felt we should broaden the exemption greatly.

I think the president from the outset determined that he was not willing to have millions of American women bear the financial burden of their employer deciding they should not access contraception, a drug that is the most frequently used prescription drug of women 14 to 40, and that often has a serious financial cost, up to $600 if a woman is paying out of pocket for it.

Timeout: Since when are 14-year-old girls considered "women"?

What percent of high school freshman girls are prescribed a daily dose of the pill?

Actually, the current number is irrelevant because under this policy, the intended number is 100 percent of "women" who are 14 years old would have "access" to "the full range of FDA-approved contraception" at no cost to her.

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