Sunday, May 27, 2012

What I am doing?

Little people learning to speak are fun to watch. It's amazing to watch the development, and once language learning takes hold, it becomes impossible to track where they learn everything.

As they learn to communicate, they think they have learned how to say something correctly within the parameters of their native language. And then they hilariously bump up against the rules of grammar.

At its most basic level, grammar helps us construct relationships between things about which we want to communicate. After gaining an initial grasp of vocabulary comes going after those relationships. They are highly motivated to match their language to their desires.

We teach them relative words of describing people like me and you, and then the verbs that go with relationships between me and you like I am, you are, and so forth.

Lastly comes the direction of the conversation. Are they trying to get information, or are they trying to give it? The statement and the question.

What makes this unmistakably fun and can plant an uneraseable smile on our faces is when they valiantly venture into unfamiliar linguistic territory.

One such question I heard recently was, "What I am doing?" Of course, the little one was intending to ask, "What am I doing?" but hearing that little voice ask "What I am doing?" was just off-the-charts full of cuteness.

The question lingered with me this weekend. And a quiet question came along with it: What about asking that question as if it were already a little more grammatically correct? What I am doing? What is I Am doing?

I Am, of course, is Who God told Moses was sending him. I Am is Who Jesus said He was, claiming to be God.

What is I Am doing? What is God doing?

And then, am I with Him in what He is doing?

It makes for a better answer to the question, What am I doing?

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