Monday, July 9, 2012

Affordable Care Act Implications

From the administrator for a self-funded insurance program:
One thing is for sure; if the ACA remains in effect, in its present form, our members’ monthly premiums will continue to rise dramatically and health care will become more and more expensive for everyone.

“Free” or “subsidized” health insurance is never free; someone has to pay for it. Members’ medical premiums come out of their donors’ monthly support.

We just sat in on a webinar and were informed that premiums for all health insurance plans are projected to go up at least ten percent each year for the next five years. Medical expenses will continue to soar ever upward as more and more government mandates and regulations are put into place.

One thing is for certain—the ACA, as it now stands, will impact just about every part of all our lives and will have a far reaching effect into the very fabric of our society.

We have already begun working on the 2013 Policy and Plan Strategy in order to be prepared for what lies ahead. 2014 will be the year when the true scope of the ACA will be unveiled if the bill does not get overturned or if it is not greatly modified.
June 2012 Prayer Letter

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