Wednesday, July 11, 2012

House Republicans stand for freedom 31 times

Mr. YARMUTH. Madam Speaker, today the House will consider a repeal of the Affordable Care Act for the 31st time. We will spend at least 6 hours debating this, but not 1 minute considering a Republican replacement. That's because there isn't one.


That means the House Republicans have stood for freedom 31 times!

Why do we need a replacement?  What's wrong with a free market?  What's wrong with patients and doctors working to hold down costs?

If either an insurance company or the government is paying for things, what is there to control prices?

The free market brings that accountability. 

Government either eliminates patients controlling prices, or imposes price controls that drive doctors out of the business.

We don't need to replace the Affordable Care Act.  We need to replace the government's role in health care with the free market patient-doctor relationship.  The patient-doctor relationship isn't just about medicine.

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