Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Top 6 Things I Learned About Giftedness

It is from the late Howard Hendricks that I learned inductive Bible study.

It is from his son Bill Hendricks that I learned inductive people study.

Bill has made it his life's work to help people discover, what he calls, their giftedness. That is, how you are wired, what makes you tick, what makes you come alive.

His book is called The Person Called You, and therein he describes how he has people tell stories about experiences in their lives they have found especially satisfying. From there he looks for patterns in abilities used, subject matter at hand, circumstances surrounding the experience, the role the person played in the situation, and what they found satisfying.

It was a good read and worth my time. I recommend it.
Kindle locations below are noted [in brackets].

1. Teach a hammer how to look for nails. [619]
Excerpt: “Let’s say that a hammer doesn’t know it’s a hammer. In other words, it doesn’t know what it was designed to do. Lacking that knowledge, it’s liable to go around breaking windows, putting dents in cars, or trying to drive screws.” Once a hammer understands its purpose, “From then on, that hammer won’t be looking for a job, it will be looking for nails.”

2. What keeps someone at a task for 10,000 hours? [763]
Excerpt: “people who end up at the top in any field get there as a result of one thing: they work harder than everyone else. In fact, much harder—ten thousand hours harder, to be exact. It’s called the Ten Thousand Rule. … From the standpoint of human motivation and how we choose to spend our lives, perhaps it’s the key question: What keeps someone at a task for ten thousand hours? … The only way you’ll do something for ten thousand hours and be productive at is is if you’re gifted to that task.”

3. Your giftedness affects all of your relationships. [945]
“If for no other reason, you do well to know something about giftedness in general and yours in particular because of the way it affects all of your relationships.”

4. You can predict how you will react in a situation. [1606]
“The best indicator of how well you know your giftedness is that you can use it to predict ahead of time what will happen if you place yourself in a given set of circumstances.”

5. Your giftedness can shape a vision of your future. [2107]
“A vision is a picture of what your life might look like at some point in the future if you really trust your giftedness … You can’t predict the future—except that you can predict that your giftedness will still be operating. … You start with your giftedness and then describe what you would actually be doing if you used it on a daily basis. … A vision is a North Star that guides your path. It keeps you aligned with your giftedness. … Your next job needs to put you one step closer to your ultimate vision.”

6. We must let our giftedness rest. [2939]
“Sabbath, or rest, is not a quaint custom of a bygone era that is slowly fading from the stage. Yes, society may be gradually setting aside the rituals and customs associated with Sabbath. But Sabbath was never about a custom or a day but about a reality built into the fabric of the world and the nature of human beings. We were designed to work, and to that end we were each given a gift. But we were not made to work all the time. At some point and in some way, we’re supposed to rest, which means letting our gift rest.”

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