Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I recently told a friend of mine that one reason he and I get along so well is because neither one of us has any idea what free time is. Active minds make for a full schedule.

Sometimes a mind can take lead one to take on too much, and the schedule gets overflowing. This month for me has been one of cleaning house, both physically and electronically.

Buying a shredder to dispose of old papers, and buying containers to hold and sort other things has been helpful for the physical clean-out.

Consolidating email and Google accounts has been helpful for the electronic clean-out.

When you have several domain names, it's built-in that you're going to have a lot of email accounts, but even so, one there can still be too many. The law of diminishing returns kicks in where tracking things down can be difficult.

My electronic consolidation is about complete (at least for this round). Yesterday I shifted my use of one Google account from one domain to another, and now I have two closely-related email addresses pointing to it for church things I lead.

In the course of all this consolidation, I actually picked up another free Microsoft account along the way. I wasn't out to get it, but apparently I had another one from way back. I've decided to use it for personal things from businesses.

The timing is useful because my personal Gmail account from way back in the day has diminished in its usefulness. It can't keep up with all the spam anymore, so I've decided not to use it for email much anymore. I still use the Google Account for Calendar and Drive.

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