Sunday, July 1, 2018

Creation Patterns

Have you noticed patterns in the six days of creation?

One of them is a pattern of two sets of three days.
  • In the first three days, God forms various environments of increasing granularity.
  • In the second three days, God goes back and fills those environments.
For instance:
  • The birds and fish (Day 5), live in the sky and the water (Day 2).
  • Land animals & man (Day 6), live on dry land, eat plants (Day 3).

The idea of environments first and then filling them is practical and useful in every area of life. First establish the purpose, principles, and parameters. Then operate within that framework.

Many problems can also be traced to getting these things out of sequence. If you have frustrations in life, check to see if there's something trying to fill or inhabit an environment that has not first been clearly established and named.

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