Thursday, July 26, 2018

Glorifying God in Furniture Arrangements

One of the most important things in cleaning and cleaning out is a willingness to throw things away. Hopefully this is easier when things are useless from now until forever anyway, but it still takes the will, sometimes a tool, and the exercising of that will to actually dispose of things.

I've been amazed how even getting rid of just a few things like old tax returns and work paperwork can make a huge difference in terms of opening up space. I'm probably still saving too much, but it's significantly—though not too significantly—less than it was before.

There have been several times where I have asked the Lord for wisdom in terms of furniture arrangement for things remaining, and I'm happy to report He has delivered. I now have one of the best layouts I've had in years. A friend of mine recently visited to check, and he was impressed. I give God the glory. It's much more open than I've ever had it.

The latest change was to relegate the fridge to the walk-in closet. It's brand new, but it still makes noise, so relocating it to a noise-deadening space away from the main area should help mitigate any sound attention it would take. (Life in a small efficiency sometimes requires unusual steps.)

Today was the other day of repainting, so there has not been much time to write. The clock is also ticking on some other things I need to get done this month. My summer has been much fuller than expected, productive in many ways, and still leaving me seeking more wisdom as to how to accomplish certain things I want to accomplish.

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