Friday, July 27, 2018

10 Traits of True Leaders

In cleaning things out recently I came across an a June 2013 issue of Inc magazine. On the cover is the headline “7 Traits of True Leaders.”

I got to thinking, without even opening the magazine to see what those things were, spiritually speaking, according to the Word of God, what would 7 traits of true leaders be? I ended up with 10.

First and foremost would be to know God. Know Him as your Savior. Know Him as your friend.

Second, have an eternal perspective.

Third, know the Book. Memorizing is a particularly powerful and useful form of learning.

Fourth, know your people. Love them. Love them so much you weep when a time of separation comes.

Fifth, be humble. Confess your sins to your people, particularly those of a leadership nature. This doesn't have to be a big deal. Do this with small things (“small” things) so they don't become big things.

Sixth, be merciful and gracious with others. Don't be this guy.

Seventh, listen to feedback. Seek it out, if necessary. Walk the ship.

Eighth, develop other leaders. Multiply yourself. More specifically, multiply what Christ has done in you.

Ninth, after we've had our run, step aside when it's time. That may be after a good and faithful race. That may be for another opportunity God has for you. That may be because one's leadership is on the decline and others could do things better. Seek God, the counsel of others, mentors, the Word, and wait on the Lord for his guidance.

Tenth, as long as you're in leadership, make the most of those opportunities. Don't settle for what God has already done, but seek him in new things He's ready to do now, today, and getting ready for tomorrow.

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