Saturday, July 7, 2018

Saturday Surround

My grandfather had my grandparents' home wired for sound in every room—even the pantry. It was surround sound for productive people.

I understand why. When you're listening to something, be it music or spoken word, it's nice to have continuity as you move around.

I've always lived in shared housing of some kind, so there's been neither much freedom nor need to have everything wired up like that, but it's still desirable at times.

These days you can get a similar effect without all the wires. Enter Bluetooth technology. The nice thing about having Bluetooth devices connected to the same player, is it's pretty easy to switch the output destination if you're going to be in another room for a while.

A while back I got a Bluetooth receiver to enable merging use of new technology with old technology.  (Bluetooth receivers have already gotten less expensive.) More recently I thought I'd try out having a JAM Thrill portable speaker.

Today, I was playing some epic music, and the sound went from filling a room to making my little portable speaker visibly bounce on the shelf. Fun stuff.

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