Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Self-Flying Cars

What happens when a Congressional committee chairman takes a walk on the National Mall and sees a kid playing with a cool toy? House Science Committee Chairman Lamar Smith had just such an experience and told the story yesterday.
Several weeks ago, I was walking on the Mall and noticed a boy operating a remote-control flying car—the first one I’ve ever seen. I immediately sent off for one and flew it recently with a young friend. It exceeded my expectations. In fact, I liked it so much that I ordered one for each of our witnesses today and for all the Members who attend this hearing.

I’ve been keeping articles about flying cars since I was in elementary school. … Just this week there was an article about flying cars in the Economist that also mentioned James Bond, so it covered two personal interests!
I've long thought flying cars were impractical as flying is exponentially more complicated than driving. My faulty assumption was flying cars would need a human driver.

The hearing yesterday points out that the concept of flying cars is completely different now with the advent of autonomous vehicle technology.

Witnesses at yesterday's hearing represented the public sector, academia, and the private sector. Uber was there, but not Waymo.

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