Monday, August 27, 2018

Add Tool = Increase Motivation

If ever you're not motivated to do something you should do, perhaps purchasing a tool to help you accomplish that job would increase your motivation.

For me, it was washing dishes. Buying a long-handle dish brush helped a lot. Now not every time I go to wash dishes to I have to scrub everything by hand.

For a friend of mine, it was a table-mover. Carrying a lot of tables around can get old, but if you can prop one up on a wheel and roll it around, the job can be much less burdensome.

I was speaking with the resident manager at my building once after I had moved around a lot of furniture, and she said she thought everything should be on wheels. I don't think going quite that far is necessary, but I just noticed there's a thing called furniture sliders that get somewhat close to that objective.

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